I came across Martin via a friend of a friend who recommended him as an excellent healer. 

At this time I was in great pain having just had a major back operation to correct a prolapsed disk, and was also experiencing the onset of what turned out to be a rare auto-immune disorder called Sclerodema Adultorum of Bushke.  I will admit to some initial cautionary skepticism as I'd not experienced remote healing before, but I figured I had nothing to lose! 

Martin's insight into not just the physical manifestations of my condition but also the emotional and spiritual factors around it was nothing short of amazing.  He was able to find just the right few words to help me understand where I was on my life's journey, and went on to perform his healing.  Immediately I felt great relief in my back, and the process of improvement carried on for some days - I was so grateful to feel this free in my body again after such a hard and long road of suffering.  I had a follow-up healing a bit later, and Martin helped me with deeper healing and realignment of my spine and spirit, and helped me set the course of my autoimmune disease into reverse, and it's still steadily improving.  Martin helped me to gain real insight into the process going on, which helped me carry on with healing long after each session.  Interestingly, I had to go to hospital for some tests about this illness, and I asked specially if they could do an extra CT scan in the spot where I'd had the back operation, as I was curious as to how it was going now.  The radiologists thought I must have been mistaken about which vertebrae the prolapsed disk had been between, because not only was there a perfect disk in place, but the vertebrae either side showed no signs of damage or abnormality at all!  Martin is a truly remarkable healer.

A. O'Gorman.



Thank you for treating me Martin. I had a skin check for melanomas and the Doctor said that everything is OK, but I strongly felt that there was something not right and I persisted and got a biopsy done which came back as stage 2 clarke 4 melanoma on my right calf.

Through friends I contacted Martin who instantly saw that this melanoma is going to spread to my lymph nodes. After the healing, all the cancer was healed! and later scans also revealed that the healings also cleared me from the melanomas.

Thank you Martin and Godbless.




Martin can heal intuitively through Gods help. He even sees and heals ailments which I haven't mentioned to him.

I asked him for a healing to heal some 100 itchy warts which had appeared on my chest. I hadn't said anything that I had done my back in nor did I mention my back pain, but he asked me straight away (mind you, over the phone to Germany) whether I had back pain.

After the healing my back pain had dissapeared and the warts died within one week.

Once I had pain in my right hip and feared I needed a hip replacement. Martin saw that the reason was me holding my foot in a "curl" and he healed the foot and the hip pain dissapeared totally.

Thank you Martin 

H.M.L. Germany




I've had a lot of energetic healings from several different healers before,but my first healing with Martin, the results were dramatic! Life long problems in my bladder, spine and colon were healed instantly. For over a week my body felt like I had worked out at the gym, I even had a black bruise appear at the base of my spine - Martin explained it as an intense amount of resentment towards my family leaving my body. I felt better than I had ever felt in my whole life. These were physical ailments I had inherited at birth and I no longer suffer from them.

My blocked colon had caused me to suffer life-long constipation - Healed. It had caused pressure on my bladder, causing me to go to the toilet every hour - Healed.

My quality of life improved, literally, overnight.I feel like a new person. Thank you, Martin. 

It's not just the major issues where Martin works miracles. I had finally arrived in Port Dougles after a long needed break. Two days into the holiday I awoke with an impending bout of the flu -a sure fire holiday wrecker. I was extremely cold, had an itchy,sore throat, headache and extreme fatigue. Out all day on a trip to the Reef, I got worse and worse. As soon as I got back, I called Martin. He asked "do you also have a sore neck?" Of course! Amongst the flue symptoms I had forgotten that I had awoken with a stiff sore neck -thinking I must have slept awkwardly.  He said there was a lot of energy releasing from my neck. In the previous few days I had made a decision to block all negative thoughts about my body and weight. I knew this pain; this energy was all those many years of negative thoughts coming up, but not being released. Martin said the energy was trying to settle in my throat, but having caught it early enough, cleared it before it took hold. When I woke up the next morning I was as good as gold! Thank you Martin!


And finally, Martin can help with those things that are just downright scary.

One Friday I had been to view a property I was interested in buying with my husband. When I walked into the study I felt it was incredibly haunted - just that room. I asked the owner about the study and he said his father had died and he kept his ashes in that room. I did a clearing on the room for him, but I felt, when I left the place and got in the car, an entity attached itself to my back. My husband and I tried everything we learned in Theta Healing but couldn't clear it. Since my father had also just passed away, I knew I was vulnerable to that kind of entity. I tried to ignore it. That evening while watching a DVD I smelt an intense,cigarette like smell in the room. I knew what it was. Again using Theta Healing and I commanded the Entity to leave, but it wouldn't. I was so tired; I didn't have the energy to keep going.

So I called Martin for a house clearing.

Having never been to our house before he asked; "Is your house near or close to the water?" - Yes.

"Live on a slope?" - Yes.

"In the middle townhouse?" -Yes.

"The smell is in your lounge room by the door isn't it?" -Yes.

The smell grew more intense - it was like rotten eggs. Martin asked me for permission to remove the Wayward Entity and went silent.  Within a few minutes the rotten smell was cleared from the room and the house felt lighter.

Martin explained to me that the Entity was removed and sent back to the world of spirit on a beam of unconditional Light and Love.




I have suffered from deep depression for the past 20 years because I always thought that I am fat, unattractive, unlovable and have a very ugly face.

I can now look in the mirror and see the real me; The beautiful, lovable attractive young women that I am. I totally Love and accept myself the way I look and I feel so happy!

I can not thank you enough for your assistance and the enormous changes the healings have made to my life.

Lots of Love, Michelle



Since you cleared my Heart Chakra and removed and sent to the Divine Light the Female Spirits that possessed and ruled my life I feel such a sense of release and total freedom.

The biggest impact to my life is; I now Love and fully accept myself. XXX Diana 



Eight month ago I fell from the roof of a two story house and landed on the stepladder. The fall shattered two vertebra's in my lower back and three in my upper back. The vertebra's were so badly broken and some fragments to close to the spinal cord that the only solution was to fuse the spine and implant titanium steel rods to each side of the spine. I was destined to live the rest of my life wheelchair or bed bound and in constant pain.

Martin did a healing and removed all of the pain and then did a healing on my back.

Right after the healing Martin gently ask me to get out of the wheelchair and stand up.

-Hu??-Well- I stood up and took a few steps - without pain and I could freely and slowly move my upper body!

Incidentally, a week after Martin's healing I was due for a check-up at the hospital and after the scans the doctors wanted to know where on earth the titanium steel rods dissapeared to and despite the absence of operating scars wanted to know who it was that so perfectly healed all of the broken vertebra's and realigned the spine without damaging the spinal cord? - I proudly said: GOD.

Just four weeks after Martin's healing I was back to work - part time, and after two month - full time.

It's not easy and there are no words that could ever say it. THANK YOU  from the very bottom of my heart does not come close.

With Love Mark