An Intuitive Healing Session usually takes between 20 to 40 min.

(I don't have a stop-watch ticking away). And will cost AU $110.00

Not all Healings can be completed in one session.


Healings can comprise of the following:


Clearing of all negative Entities and Attachments. (Ghosts) 

Negative Entities (Ghosts) and Spirits can be seen in and around a person's auric field or in residencies/buildings and they can influence a person's wellbeing. By guiding these Entities back to the Universal Light of Unconditional Love the person is released of the attachment and regains his/her own power.


Opening your Energy Centres (Chakras).

Opening up the energy centres and allowing the Universal Light of Unconditional Love to flow freely through your Spinal cord will help the healing processes.


Clearing of Curses, Vows and Oath.

A Curse or Psychic Attack is a negative Thought Form that has been sent to you by another person or persons that can negatively influence your Live and take away your Energy and Power. A Vow taken or an Oath spoken by an individual can prevent you from achieving your goal.


Clear negative Soul Fragments.

Soul Fragments are a piece of our Soul left with another person in many different relationships throughout our Life. These exchanges can be either negative or positive and when a relationship ends we leave a part of ourselves with the other person.

For this reason you can carry a Soul Fragment of the other person within you and may be giving your energy and your power away.


Implant Removal 

Remove,Transmute and Eliminate the discordant Alien Implants that disrupt and pollute your physical, emotional and electromagnetic force field.


Akashic Record and Soul Healing

Accessing the Akashic Record and identifying and aligning fully with your Soul Purpose can create profound shifts and changes in your Life by clearing Negative Energetic Blocks and Restrictions that are limiting you from creating the Life you desire.

When you find yourself in situations that you are unable to go on with your Life, feeling blocked, are afraid, have no focus and just can't get your act together and feel lost and disoriented, the reasons can be: Relationships, sexual Relationships, rape or abuse, having lost consciousness in an Accident, Car Accident or in Surgical Operations when under full anaesthetic.

Past Life and Present Life experiences. You can have the Life you desire if you are willing to do the work of letting go of the past.

Life does not have to be a struggle!


Physical Healing and Genetic Healing.

By doing a full Body Scan a persons ailments can usually be seen and healed.

Clearing the root causes of those lingering aches, pains, doubts and fears will help to speed up the healing processes of the physical body.


Relationship Guidance.

Family, Love, Career.


Abundance Manifestation. 


Note: Not all Healings can be done in just one session!


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Appointments are available 7 Days from 8am to 8pm Sydney Australia Time. 

Sessions outside the above appointed hours may be arranged.

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1 x Healing or Consultation: $110.00


1 x 80min. Healing Session $200.00