Martin Knobel lives in Nowra. NSW- Australia.

He is an extraordinary medical intuitive healer, whose abilities and insightfulness are truly amazing.

Even as a young boy his intuitive abilities came to the forefront of his foreseeing events being uncannily accurate. However they were dismissed by some as just the ramblings of a young child.

However as time passed and Martin evolved into adulthood and was faced with his own life altering illness (Inclusion Body Myositis or IBM - a disease which would normally claim your life by causing the entire body to slowly waste away) the yearning to answer the call of his intuitive abilities became stronger and stronger and led him to examine many paths that would eventually enable him to use his gift of medical intuition for the benefit of others.

So many clients have experienced his amazing intuitive power - whether it has been to free them of a lifetime of illnesses and physical woes, or to break the cycle of a spiritual affliction that has lasted lifetimes.

So if you feel as though you have run out of options or having simply given up, thinking no one can help you, whether it is a physical problem or an emotional issue or a problem of a spiritual nature, why not experience a transformation for yourself with Martin's Divine Diamond Light Energy Healing.